Fund Your Experience

It is possible to use Buffett funding to support your in-person and Virtual study abroad experience! To do so, you must:

  1. ensure your eligibility
  2. fill out the “Request to Study Abroad Form" once you have applied and been accepted to a study abroad program

If approved to study abroad using WHT funding, the amount of funding you will receive is based upon the number of credit hours you are enrolled in during your study abroad term. Please see the chart below for details.

Maximum Term Awards for 2022-2023

(term = semester, quarter, or summer session)

Full Time(12+hours)Three-Quarter Time(9-11 hours)Half Time(6-8 hours)Quarter Time(3-5 hours)Less than Quarter Time(1-2 hours)


Also, be sure to consider other funding sources such as the ones listed below! It is possible to apply for and receive multiple scholarships/grants and to combine these with other funding options.

  • Education Abroad Scholarships (e.g., Early Abroad, MAPS)
    • UNL VIP Scholarship: The EAO is offering a new scholarship to all UNL undergraduate students in good standing who pursue an approved VIP. When you complete a VIP application in MyWorld, the EAO will confirm your scholarship eligibility and amount ($250-$1,000 depending on program type).
  • Affiliated Programs Scholarships (e.g., CET, ISA)
  • College/Departmental Scholarships (speak with your academic advisor about opportunities)
  • Nationally funded fellowships (e.g., Gilman, Boren)
    • Gilman Scholarships: Gilman Scholars are now able to use their awards to support credit-bearing virtual international opportunities taking place between now and December 31, 2021.
  • Other scholarships you are currently receiving
    • Talk with the Husker Hub to discover if other scholarships/grants you are currently receiving may be used to study abroad and about additional funding opportunities (e.g., loans). Click here to join the queue
      • UNL tuition scholarships: If you enroll in a UNL course in conjunction with a virtual internship (rather than earning transfer credit), you may use any applicable UNL tuition scholarships.
      • UNL tuition/fees: If you enroll in a UNL course in conjunction with a virtual internship (rather than earning transfer credit), you may apply available federal aid to your UNL tuition.
      • Before heading abroad, the Husker Hub can also help you adjust your cost of attendance. If you are considering studying abroad over the summer, you will also need to fill out a Summer Aid Application with the Husker Hub (Louise Pound Hall, Suite 130).